I have Crohns Disease and have always eaten a coconut macaroon when flair ups got bad because coconut helps to calm my stomach. That ended when I was also diagnosed with Celiac Disease and found I could no longer eat gluten. I bought your coconut brittle this morning in the midst of a mild flair up. I’m back to normal already and going about my day. I def plan to buy this frequently. Also delicious!


Wonderful, healthy and DELICIOUS food! Packed in adorable gift ready packaging. Easy to give to a friend or give to yourself! SO excited to find this healthy and quality baker. Very best wishes!


I was given a gift of your Paleo chocolate chips cookies. They tasted wonderful and didn’t bother my stomach like even some gluten free items can.


Simply amazing! Best chocolate chip cookies ever! They were perfectly moist and chewy and oh so DELICIOUS! My husband and I ate them right up!!!


After reading a book about Paleo benefits for hypothyroid troubles I decided to start eating better. I quickly learned about the ketogenic diet and started it back in September. I've lost almost 70 lbs and want to hit 100 by end of June for my sister's wedding. I shop at Mom's organic market in Merrifield VA and have noticed your chocolate chip cookies there. I eventually decided to grab a bag of the mini cookies to try figuring I could pop them in the freezer and just have one a day. I thought I could handle it since I've been good about having only one fat bomb if I make them or other "treats" (macadamia nuts I'm looking at you). Well, that was until I tried your cookie. Oh my goodness. They are truly insanely delicious and I finished off my first bag a lot quicker than I meant to. I watch this competitive eater on YouTube and in one video he said something that is sticking with me...there should be no shame in eating food. Food is fuel and we should enjoy it and I fully intend to enjoy your cookies for the foreseeable future. Thank you for such a wonderful product!


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